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On our web site, Tony and I show you our dogs, brag about their exploits, and notify you when we may have a  litter available for sale. Tina and Tony have been breeding, showing, and loving our Cavaliers since 1998. Our first Cavalier, Roger (Chiencav Magic Entrance), passed away a few years ago. We have other boys and girls, all the result of our planned breeding program. Every generation provides us with better and better pups that go on to do both well in the show ring and provide wonderful companionship for those lucky enough to own one.


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Our first big break into the Cavalier world was when we were gifted with Aust Ch Marcavan Dazzle by Night from Maryanne at Marcavan Kennels in Victoria. Dazzle, has provided lovely companionship and joy in the show ring, and also some wonderful children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. His best offspring (to our Elfking Irish Jig) to date is Aust Ch Brendamay Master Colin, our first home bred Cavalier Champion. Colin went on to acquire his first 100 points (required to use the prefix Champion) with wins that included three Best in Toy Group awards.

Two of our girls, Patsy and Edwina both gained their Australian Championship through 2007 and in early 2008, Bruce (Ch Brendamay Born to Run), and Gertrude (Ch Brendamay Philadelphia) were also made up. We have also more recently titled Ch Hillcreek's Freya (Imp Swe) who we acquired from HIllcreek Kennels in Sweden. We have also title Zevon, Grand Champion Brendamay Keep Me in Yr Heart and her son Simon, Champion Brendmay Under African Skies. Zevon is the daughter of Warren (Gr Ch Brendamay Excitable Boy).


One of our exported boys was recently made up. Congratulations to:

Mal Gr Ch, Int Ch Brendamay Yellow Brick Road

known affectionately as Elton, and his owner Derrick in Malaysia. We were fortunate enough to visit Derrick and Elton in Kuala Lumpur last year.

Also NZ Ch Brendamay Walking in Memphis recently won Best in Show at the NZ Breed Speciality show, congratulations to all concerned.

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