Our Puppy Announcement Page


We have a current litter of beautiful Blenheim boys available for sale. Aged 8 weeks. All with the much prized lozenge spot.

We also have a 12 month show prospect boy for sale. He can be sold on the full register to a registered breeder. We have his brother so he is surplus (don’t tell him!).

For further information please email or call Tina.

our Gertie
Brendamay Nikita as a youngster


Example pic

We do also have available, every now and again, older dogs. These are dogs that have 'served their time' as a show dog and are often between two and five years of age. All well kept and still able to strut their stuff in the ring as required. We place these dogs as often their offspring are better conformed and they deserve a cosy retirement in a family situation as just reward for their service both in the show ring and as a stud dog / brood bitch. All dogs are family friendly and get on well with anyone! Contact us if you are interested in this option also.